Meet the writers, journalists, researchers, essayists, poets, word artisans of the Necia Media Collective!


I am a Chicana writer and overall creative with a passion for exploring links between Mexican American roots and gender identity, art, education, and activism. My interest for storytelling began at Oxnard High School when I joined the school newspaper: The Buzz. I served as the layout and entertainment editor for two years and my work was recognized by the Ventura County Star School Newspaper awards in the year 2011. After attending two  years of community college I decided to pursue a BA in journalism and womens and gender studies at Roosevelt University, a social justice institution in Chicago. I graduated in 2016 with a WGS Social Justice Award in recognition of SERIO Zine.

From Oxnard, California & Currently Based in Pilsen, Chicago, IL



Julyssa Lopez is a writer currently based in Berlin (or lost in Berlin, depending on how you look at things). She writes about music, arts and culture, and her work has appeared in the Washington Post, Washington City Paper and Washingtonian Magazine. She grew up between Washington, D.C., and Managua, Nicaragua, and is happiest with headphones on.

From Washington D.C. by way of Managua, Nicaragua. Currently based in Berlin, Germany. 




I am an undocumented, immigrant woman. I believe in the potential to create change through radical love and self-love. 

From Mexico City, Mexico and based in San Antonio, Texas. 



Dominique Chestand is a multimedia artist, educator, and organizer from the city of Chicago. Influenced by the works of Toni Morrison, Ai, and James Baldwin, her works explore the experiences of Black, queer, woman-identified, and otherwise marginalized bodies. The disciplines Chestand uses in her work include poetry, theater, music, video, and dance.

As a poet and actress, Chestand has performed on the stages of New York, Chicago, Mexico, the Republic of Panama, the United Kingdom, Holland, Denmark and Canada. Her work has been featured on outlets such as NPR, the CHCH Morning Show, and the Chicago Reader. She is a former Teaching Artist and Education Coordinator for Young Chicago Authors, the organization responsible for the largest youth poetry festival in the world, Louder than a Bomb. Chestand recently moved to Los Angeles where she is pursuing a career in film production.

From Chicago, IL and currently based in Los Angeles, CA. 



Dagny Zenovia is a journalist, artist and future attorney. Being interested in travel and culture, she studied international affairs with a concentration in Africa and a minor in journalism and mass communication. She enjoyed story telling so much that she also got a masters in journalism. Her thesis was dedicated to the school-to-prison-pipeline focusing on community based programs, which was published in a local newspaper and illustrated through a civic media music video. Currently, she is a full-time law student. She also blogs about culture, news and style.

From New York, based in Houston, Texas. 


Michelle Salinas is queer Xicana from Boyle Heights. She is a proud Roosevelt High School alum and is currently obtaining a Masters in Latin American Studies at UCLA. She is also the Managing Editor for La Gente Newsmagazine on her campus. She developed a love for hxstory and music and has tried to marry the two in her academic, journalistic, and creative work. Her dream is to go around interviewing and recording performances of local upcoming artists in Latin America as a way to provide a multimedia platform for artists to share their talent and stories with the world.

From and currently based in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, CA. 



Carola Guerrero De León is a Mexican journalist and self-proclaimed social media guru. She enjoys shooting, writing and editing her own stories. Carola graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a double-degree in journalism and international relations. During her time at UT she served as an intern for Sen. Judith Zaffirini, KXAN News and Univision 62. She also worked for various marketing firms, assisting them with social media based promotional campaigns. Carola’s professional interests have been heavily influenced by her origins and life experiences. Her love for journalism comes from her love for storytelling. Her passion is learning, discovering and sharing her stories with the world through the use of video, photography and words.

From Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and currently based in Austin, TX. 


Barbara Calderón is a Tejana writer and artist working in Brooklyn. She is interested in the cross-sections of feminism, art, and social movements, and uses the lens of Xicanisma to decipher and analyse cultural happenings.

From Houston, TX, currently based in Brooklyn, NY. 



Heidi Andrea Restrepo Rhodes is a queer, mixed-race, second-generation Colombian immigrant, latinx/bruja, writer, scholar, artist, and activist. As a student of the South Orange County School of the Arts she studied theatre and photography, and is also a poet and singer. Heidi Andrea is committed to creative and scholarly work as a practice of witness, social documentation, historical memory, of radical healing, of provocation to action, and as a tool for liberatory dreaming and action. Her scholarly work focuses on issues of state violence and human rights abuses, as well as on questions of justice, subject-formation, decolonizing epistemologies, re-imagining the genre of ‘the human,’ and futurity.  Her creative work and performance has been seen in numerous places, including San Francisco’s SomArts, Galería de la Raza, the 2014 National Queer Arts Festival, As/Us, Raspa, Decomp, Feminist Studies, Write Bloody's We Will Be Shelter, and others. A doctoral fellow in Political Science at CUNY's Graduate Center, she was raised in Southern California, and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

From Southern California and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. 


Vero´ Anne Salinas is a writer, poet, performance artist, activist and native Texan. Her journalistic pursuits include researching the music, art, and literature of South Texas while her creative work focuses on field recordings, femininity, landscape, myths, time, space, and holistic rituals. Her work has been featured in, The San Antonio Current, The Rivard Report, TPR Arts blog,, the yes factory, Voices de la Luna, El Placazo Newspaper, ART Magazine, the Sagebrush Review, and Texas Art + Culture Magazine.

From San Antonio, TX and currently based in Houston, TX



Mia has a Bachelor’s in Comparative Literature and Spanish but spends most of her time daydreaming. She writes about women, capitalism, intersectional feminism, home and the homeland, identity, dwelling, landscape and loss, generational trauma and, most importantly for a Libra, love.

From Los Angeles. 



Teresa is a black and latina community organizer, political consultant, and student based in New York City. Influenced by the works of Mamá Tingó, James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, and Frantz Fanon, her work attempts to record the experiences of folks at the margins in her community. Having made it out of DC relatively unscathed, Teresa’s work explores intersections of race, mental health, feminism, the politics of memory, and liberatory forms of pedagogy. In particular, she’s interested in how to effect positive changes for people of color in today's landscape of American neoliberalism. Also, they take hot cheetos, water polo, and episodes of Daria, very seriously—not necessarily in that order.

From Rialto, California and currently based in New York City



Emily Angulo is a 2nd grade bilingual teacher in Arlington, VA. She is a proud daughter of Bolivian immigrants. She graduated with a B.A. in Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity and M.A. in Elementary Education with a Bilingual Certification from Stanford University. In her free time Emily enjoys lifting, going to kazaxe, meal-prepping, brunching, raving, and scheming about starting her own radical school system one day. 

Emily is Boliviana born & raised in Arlington, VA - currently based in the DC area

Christian Daniela Sanchez


Christian is a writer and photographer. Christian was born and raised on the South West side of Chicago. She is a Xicana from Michoacán, Mexico. She majored in Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies and has a minor in Human Rights from the University of Chicago. At U of C, she helped co-found Mural Magazine, a bilingual (Spanish/English) Literary Magazine focused on Latin American culture, politics, and art. Christian loves printmaking, storytelling, and cumbia. She is interested in writing on the politics of intimacy, memory, diaspora, race, borders, and futurismo Latinx. 

From and based in Chicago, IL. 

24 year old Latinx who survives off espresso and poetry. I try to see the world with an open mind and an open heart. "Su piel tiene el color de Mazapan"

From Los Angeles, CA and based in Dallas, TX.