Our Crew

 Necia Media began as a love project amongst hermanas, sistars wanting to see themselves in media and mentorship. Understanding the struggles of being a womxn of color in the media field, Necia Media was born in conversations and comadrehood. Meet the creatives behind the Necia Media Collective!



Perla Farias Portugal,

Multimedia Editor

Perla is a Xicana visual creative. She is a California native now rooted in the desert of Arizona with her mother roots from the mid-west coast of Mexico. She specializes in photography and videography with a focus in portraiture, documentary work and audio storytelling. 

She has journalism experience documenting advocacy work and film production for justice oriented campaigns. She's curated blog content for brands as well as managing her own personal lifestyle/storytelling blog Chicana Mama. You can find her on Instagram @xicana_mama & @perlafariasphoto



alida cardós whaley,


alida cardós whaley is a xicana bruja based in the midwest lands of milwaz con raíces en el yucatán. a mamá and medicine maker remembering ancestral traditions and ways of life, alida seeks to collectively dream spaces for decolonial healing, radical love, and liberatory joy. alida uses words to transport, unearthing dimensions of selves and surrounding generations. 

alida is a birth and afterbirth doula sharing ritual of mexican traditional medicine. alida is co-founder and maroon with the Afro-Indigenous Birthwork Cooperative, Maroon Calabash. alida is also a member of the Strawberry Moon Women Singers, an Indigenous women of the world hand drum group united to heal through music.

you can find alida on IG @quetzallida and her makings @hamacahumilde.

vas (1).jpg

Vero Ann Salinas,

Copy Editor

Vero´ Anne Salinas is a writer, poet, performance artist, activist and native Texan. Her journalistic pursuits include researching the music, art, and literature of South Texas while her creative work focuses on field recordings, femininity, landscape, myths, time, space, and holistic rituals.

Vero's work has been featured in Glasstire.com, The San Antonio Current, The Rivard Report, TPR Arts blog, Chifladazine.com, the yes factory, Voices de la Luna, El Placazo Newspaper, ART Magazine, the Sagebrush Review, and Texas Art + Culture Magazine.



Emily Cavazos,

Communications Coordinadora

Emily is a native Texan from San Antonio and is an alum of the SAY Si program. She is currently residing in the twin cities in Minnesota where she works for both the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Mia. She also volunteers on a committee for an annual conference for Latinx college students, Conferencia Alianza Latinx. She got her bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Art History at Macalester College.

Artistically, she enjoys painting and drawing and primarily creates pieces  focusing on her identity, her personal relationships, and nature. She also enjoys photographing plants and insects in her free time. In the future, she hopes to continue to focus on critical ethnic studies, social justice and environmental justice.  IG: ecavaz0s




Michelle Patiño-Flores,

Bilingual Editor

Michelle is a writer and researcher with interests spanning several themes. She is primarily interested in the intersection of education, culture, + language as they relate to liberation. At Necia, she copyedits and curates content in English + Spanish. Her favorite things to talk about are food, books, and museums. 

Michelle hopes to publish a couple pieces of introspective + retrospective nature while exploring new writing styles. IG @chinchorroz 



Jeanette Martín,


Jeanette Martín is a first generation queer Chicana, born and raised on Milwaukee's Southside.  Driven by her lived experience as a child of economic refugees from México, her personal journey has been using art and cultural organizing as a healing tool with and for her community.  A painter and printmaker in training with her unyielding passion for accessibility to cultural arts, social justice and transformation, moves her to co-create sustainable and dignified projects and cultural spaces with STITCH