Meet the DJ's, radio hosts, emcees, mixers, singers, and sound architects of the Necia Media Collective!



Verónica Bayetti Flores is a queer Venezolana writer, rabble-rouser, and music lover. She’s got a soft spot for mujeres and queers in the underground making music and killing the game. She’s been lucky enough to interview a few of them too: Xenia RubinosLa YegrosLi Saumet of Bomba Estéreo, La Santa Cecilia, and Ana Tijoux have been a few of her favorites. She is host of Radio Menea. She’s also spent a lot of time advocating for reproductive justice, immigrants’ rights, LGBTQ liberation, and the end of discriminatory policing practices. Follow her on twitter @veroconplatanos.

Based in New York.

Miriam Zoila Pérez is a queer Cuban-American writer and activist with a low-key bachata obsession. Pérez writes mostly about topics at the intersection of race, health and gender. She is host of Radio Menea. She’s a columnist at  and the founder of Radical Doula. Follow Pérez on twitter@miriamzperez.

Based in Washington D.C. 



Melina Campoverde is a singer, songwriter & DJ based in Washington, D.C. As a multi-faceted artist, she uses different outlets to satisfy her creative needs. In 2013, Melina released her first project entitled, "Honeymoon". A conceptual mixtape that she sang, wrote, arranged, sample selected & co-produced. As a student of music, she continued to develop her understanding of it. She made her DJ debut in August 2015, taking on the name: Luna Zul.

From and based in Washington D.C. 



Sometimes she passes up drinking with her homegirls on a Friday night because there’s a pulga to go to early Saturday morning, she’s scared to tell her father she has his family’s last name tattooed on her stomach but knows he would be proud, founder of Chulita Vinyl Club, an all-girl all-vinyl DJ collective.

From Edinburg, TX, based in Austin, TX. 



Silvia is an editor and producer for Radio Ambulante, an award winning Spanish-language storytelling podcast. Before joining Radio Ambulante she was the Latin America Regional Editor for Global Voices Online, an international community of bloggers and translators who translate and report on citizen media from around the world. She studied literature and political science and has worked as an editor and journalist. Silvia was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, from a Spanish father and a Uruguayan mother. She grew up in five Latin American countries and in Spain.

From Montevideo, Uruguay, currently based in Chile. 


Photo credit: Nicky digital

Photo credit: Nicky digital


Drawing inspiration from her hybrid diaspora roots, worldwide digital dialogue, and bodega soundtracks, Riobamba's live mixes are a trip through interwoven Youtube news clips and reworked field recordings, acid dembow, crashing baile funk, and screwed ruidosón rave undercurrents in a tribute to unhushed howls of decolonized club culture.

Riobamba is a member of the Dutty Artz artist collective and label, and is the co-founder/resident of transnational bass nightPicó Picante (named the Best Dance Night in Boston by Dig Boston). She comes to New York after a year in Bogotá, Colombia via the Fulbright-mtvU program, where she immersed herself in club culture and research on urban music culture, artistic agency and self-representation for musicians using digital music production tools and distribution networks. She’s brought her expertise, analysis, and experience to numerous outlets for the written word, including Remezcla (where she was until recently their Music Editor).

Riobamba has recently shared the stage with innovators The Knife, Nina Sky, Chancha Via Circuito, Quantic, DJ Tameil, Ana Tijoux, Bomba Estéreo, Rizzla, Jubilee, Nina Sky, Rich Medina, Cakes Da Killa, and Princess Nokia at spaces in the US, Mexico, and Colombia. Now expanding her craft to include original sound pieces, she most recently released her frenetic club mix “Grito” and her huaynotón “Altiplano Urbano” concept mixtape.

From Massachusetts with Ecuadorian-Lithuanian roots. Currently based in Brooklyn, New York


photo credit: ornelle chimi

photo credit: ornelle chimi


kryptk is a DJ, art enthusiast and techie living in Washington D.C. Her sounds are inspired by her upbringing in the South and the creative potential of the unconscious mind. She specializes in the fusion between booty bass, trap and trippy soundscapes and creating Black centric spaces.

From Houston, TX, based in Washington D.C. 



La SalvadoReina is a Cumbia and Hip-Hop artist, currently working on her first EP. Recently graduated from American University with a major in Public Communication and minor in Literature she admires writers like Sandra Cisneros and Junot Diaz, both who have helped her heal from heartbreaks many lifetimes. She is interested in writing and creating media to give voice to her comunidad, specifically interested in the Salvadoran experience in DC. 

From El Salvador, born raised and based in Washington D.C. 



Darline Morales is a genderqueer Latinx originally from Providence, Rhode Island. She is a poet, scholar, DJ and photographer. Her work focuses on the relationship between technology, gender, sexuality and hip hop. From performing poetry in local and international venues, DJing queer parties, or playing feminist rap on the airwaves, her major goal is to create both physical and virtual spaces that acknowledges all genders and identities in hip hop. Currently, she is a graduate student in Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Southern California. Outside of academia, she mentors young girls through Las Fotos Project, an organization that teaches photography to LA youth.

From Providence, RI and based in Los Angeles, CA.