Necia New Year Reflections

Necia New Year Reflections

The new year is a good time to reflect on the past year and go into the new Gregorian year with intentions toward personal and creative goals & projects. We all do this in various ways from making lists to journaling or creating new mantras to say every day.

Here at Necia we decided to share with you what each of us on the core board are focusing on for 2018 by choosing one word. With some reflection and visuals, here is what we got.

Perla: Action

Perla-Necia Media-New Year-Action.jpg

Previous years have been about dreaming and writing down ideas. I have numerous lists of projects but many times I find myself getting overwhelmed or overthinking things. Some things have come to life but many others had a loss in momentum as I entered a new phase in my life. 2017 in particular was a year to slow down for me as I birthed my second born and learned to manage & guide two little ones. I had to re-adjust & adapt to mothering in a different way. So this year is all about action for me. It’s about taking the steps to now give birth to some projects that have been tugging at my heart while at the same time accepting where I am in my journey. I may not be able to move at a speed I envisioned before, but that doesn’t mean I can’t move at all. I realized I had gotten stuck in the thinking process that I paralyzed myself from taking any steps at all toward my goals. These past couple of months I’ve been blessed to be inspired by so many amazing people and especially by other mothers who are able to put time and effort into the creative things that give them life. They may or may not get overwhelmed or overthink things, but they get shit done & they make magic happen. So my motto since the 1st has been, “just do it.” I’m looking at my obstacles & apprehensions in the eye and taking action this year!


Emily: Goddess-Worship

Emily New Year Goddess Worship.jpeg

My phrase is directly inspired by Locatora Radio, my favorite podcast! In this podcast, one capitulo is dedicated to explaining the importance of goddess-worship or worshipping the feminine in ourselves, others, or conventional goddesses such as La Virgen de Guadalupe or Coyolxauhqui. This is my chosen phrase because I want to focus more on self love, self-care, and personal development. Last year I was too busy, and I was stuck in a job where I wasn’t challenged or passionate about my work. This year, I have new jobs which allow me to learn and do work that is meaningful to me. I also have more time on my hands. One way I want to practice goddess-worship is through using my time intentionally. To me, this means spending time on activities that help alleviate my depression and anxiety. Some of these activities include painting, moving my body, journaling, loving my body, being intimate with my partner, reading, and allowing for time to do my nails and maquillaje.



Photo credit:  Andy Lira

Photo credit: Andy Lira

I bearthed a returning spirit and myself on October 20, 2017. The past year was rich with gathering medicines. Lots and lots of intergenerational, ancestral sistar medicine. I gathered in ceremony, on walks, in the waters, road trips, being witness, having hands laid upon my belly and my heart, meditating on cycles. This gregorian solar year I am emerging from the temazcalli, transitioning from our bearth ceremonia reborn and glowing, renewed with spirit essences surrounding. So far our growing familia has called my focus to our nest, our homespace, the place we emerge from each day and return to rest each night. As I continue to emerge gently, I wish to focus on relationships. Those with people, plants, creatures, my surroundings and myself. I challenge myself to be mindful and inquisitive. How is this relationship I have with _____ going? What are they reflecting back for me to see? Ala K’in.


Michelle: Mindfulness

Michelle New Year Mindfulness.JPG

For me, last year was full of changes, many of which I didn’t prepare for properly. This year, I want to focus on listening to my body, my spirit, and my surroundings to better anticipate and welcome the new things in my life. I can’t always know when, how, or why things happen, but I can always be mindful of my responses and the way that I process people, places, and things in my head. Already this year has presented me and those I love with heavy challenges: medical, professional, and otherwise. In response to these obstacles, one important step I’ve taken is to go outdoors. I have found that I can think more fully, less afraid during a long hike in the forest, or on the cold, gleaming shores of the ocean. Thankful for the privilege to access nature and her spectacular glory after only a short drive, I move forward this year with the confidence that everything happens for a good reason and that when the going gets tough, the universe, the earth, will guide me; I have only to listen to them and myself. Deliberate, mindful actions are the skills I wish to internalize this year to help me be more at peace. <3

What are your goals and intentions for 2018? What is your one word?  Let us know! We look forward to see your manifestations come to life.


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