Love... by Leilani Lopez

Love... by Leilani Lopez




            Compassionate Love.

Not ever feeling like     I belong.

Always feeling        different.

    different from how I view others

    different from how they view me.

There was always a disconnect


what I SHOULD be     and     what I am.

I still look in the mirror…        …and don’t see my    SELF.

My reflection is still a stranger to     me.

What I have always recognized as fact,

one of few things I know about myself        -    like NO DOUBT:
is my love for  e-ver-y-thang Puerto Rico        -    mi orgullo Boricua

The type of love that        Ignites        the power within    ME.

The kind of love that hurts cuz it feels like it’s going to        Explode

out of my chest

| i can’t contain it |

& when you Love anything that much

You want it to be free

to flourish in all its glory.

It’s that Love that


    all else, has made     me a


for     Liberty & Justice    

para     Mi Gente    y todas las personas que    demandan


More about Leilani:

Dope Milwaukee, Wisconsin community member, creator of Be Outspoken MKE, entrepreneur. Pro-social justice and abundance for all. Soul searching, mami, superhuman. TREMENDA MUJER.

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