Cravings by Anaïs Deal-Márquez

Cravings by Anaïs Deal-Márquez

I know 5 ways to be wrong and

Only 2 to be right which doesn’t matter

If you trust nothing of what you hear

and only half of what you see


We talked about Mexico

Sea shores he didn’t know


We talked about migrations

instead of winter

and ice and slush

and Minnesota nice


We talked weddings and

when life collapses over

uncooked meals and

what afraid feels like

under the blinding sun


We feared silence

as if seeing blood vessels through

translucent skin

would prove what we know

that we are fragile and

disjointed in

ways still foreign to us


That joy can weigh heavy and

pain a relief that

We are still here


I don’t want to hug you into a cage


Loss is scary because we mistrust

the way air waves bend around our bodies


cut through language


A trembling runs

through caffeinated words

I’m here to be measured down to

every tendon


You say you’re afraid of the world and

how is it possible to be blessed and

feel empty and find

God and find

truth and be


I crave something to sing about

I know 5 ways to be wrong and

Only 1 way to be good


More on Anaïs: 

Anais is a Minneapolis based interdisciplinary artist and community organizer who sees music and storytelling as key in building power with communities of color.  With roots across the U.S.-Mexico border, her writing looks at identity, displacement, trauma, and healing.  She is the founder of the Border Voices Poetry Series, which uses storytelling and performance to create spaces for performance and community dialogue that centers the voices of immigrant and refugee communities of color.  Anais is a recipient of the 2014 VERVE Grant for Spoken Word artists through Intermedia Arts and a winner of the 2015-16 Loft Mentor Series in poetry.  She works as the Youth Organizing Director at Voices for Racial Justice where she leads cultural organizing training and strategy building with youth of color.


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