All in Where We At

Espacios: Pixoa by Isabel Piña

I couldn’t just volunteer, sit back, and not attempt to do something with the education I received in my certification class. So I started Pixoa as a social media space on Facebook in November 2015 to create awareness about domestic violence for Spanish-speaking individuals who might not know about their legal rights and court processes.

Conquering the Portuguese by Charing Ball

I took fragments of that angry grief and tucked it away in dark corners and in the back of closets. I took that anger and buried it so deeply in the recess of my mind, I had convinced myself that it no longer mattered. That I was no longer grieving and angry.

But no matter how I tried to hide it, that angry grief would always show up.

Where I Am by Angie Guerrero

"I enjoy the healing practices of mi cultura, I think I also owe a lot of my journey to that. I enjoy the radical and complex history of healing within my culture. That definitely helped me separate myself from toxic spaces and energies, and it brought me unto a road of self-love and realization."

Where We At: Las Founders Edition

"i create as a form of survival, as a form of self-care and self-reflection. i make for myself and more. i make to hustle. i make to mark. i make to remember. i make to reconnect. i imagine all my ancestors and myself, connecting with them a little bit more each time i pour myself out, into my own skin."