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If you’ve ever wondered about the stigmas associated with weight loss and food culture, you are not alone. Having endured hateful comments and destructive food habits, author Viviana Rose tackles these issues head-on in her activism and published work. “Have you ever wondered why Latinas are brainwashed into American diet culture? How has fat-shaming destroyed the lives of thousands of Latinas?” Rose addresses these questions and more in her book How American Diet Culture Negatively Affects Latinas. You can find her work available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble Read below to learn more about Viviana Rose’s writing and publishing journey, as well as the motivations that drive her work.

Tell us a little bit about yourself! Where do you live, what do you love, how do you like to decompress after a hard day?

I am from Long Beach, California. I love food and music. After a hard day, I like to drink a cold glass of soda.

On your Instagram bio, you describe yourself as an anti-bullying advocate. How do you fight against this kind of cruelty, and why do you believe in fighting against this problem specifically?

I put that because i was promoting my first book "Everything: A Memoir" which was a bully book. That book is out-of-stock and unavailable for personal reasons. I plan on releasing a much better anti-bully memoir which is going to be a hardback full color 200 pages to be released soon. Lately i have been promoting mostly fat activism stuff on my instagram but i will promote anti-bully stuff once I release my new book.

Your book, How American Diet Culture Negatively Affects Latinas, was published almost exactly one year ago-- congrats! When did your inspiration for writing come about?

I've been morbidly obese for 4 years and a lot of people kept asking me "What does it feel like being fat" and "what does anorexia feel like". I wanted to describe that in full detail. I wanted to focus on dangerous diets and how they are bad. I noticed a lot of Latinas doing too many diets and I got sick of diet culture. Latinas are beautiful and need to know that.

How do you personally resist toxic, fatphobic narratives and actions?

Fatophobia is such a personal topic. It hurts my feelings when people act fatphobic towards me. I hate other plus size women getting teased and bullied.

What was your writing process like? Was it painful, cathartic, energetic…? As a Latina woman, was getting published difficult for you, or did you find that editors and publishers were very supportive of your revolutionary work?

The writing process was emotional and wonderful. Getting published was very easy actually! My friend introduced me to a publisher who lived super close to me. I met up with the publisher in a yogurt shop and he discussed the prices. He is very affordable! I didn't have to pay with a credit card and it didn't involve a lot of paperwork. The process was simple I gave him the cash in full and I emailed him my Microsoft Word document. Check out my book for my publisher’s details!  Thanks.

If you had to describe (the content of) your book in one word, what would it be?


What do you hope to achieve with this book? What kind of change do you want to inspire?

I hope this book gets really popular. I try to promote it every single day on social media. This is a very unique Latina book- there's not too many books on this genre and I strongly recommend it to Latinas who are interested in their culture or anything about eating disorders.

Book Cover

So, we hear that you’re in the process of publishing your autobiography. What kinds of stories do you share in it?

Yes! So excited to talk about this! Like I was saying earlier I took my first book "Everything: A Memoir" off the shelves and I'm going to release a very thick autobiography hardback book called "The History of my Life" by Viviana Rose. It's the story of my school days when i was bullied elementary school through high school, more in depth and graphic. I talk about abusive family members. It was very hard to write about the family abuse but I wanted to give a voice for those who have ever dealt with domestic violence. The book also touches my relationship experiences an excerpt from my childhood diary is included in the book it said "Cody (my crush) hit me today at school. I love him only a little now." It’s amazing how i changed looking at my childhood diaries. I also includes doctors notes of doctors talking about me in a very negative light, high school teacher documents I found in my room. I literally cleaned my room looking for old documents or photos. This is gonna be a hardback book so it’s going to be more expensive that my Latina book which was $8. Trust me it's gonna be worth buying! If you ever been bullied in school and been called a nerd or a loser.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with aspiring writers and folks fighting against damaging cultural beliefs like US diet cultures?

My advice for fat activists is: continue your work. There are gonna be a lot of online trolls putting you down but don't stop.

You can follow Viviana Rose on Ig: @vivianaroseofficial

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