If you’ve ever wondered about the stigmas associated with weight loss and food culture, you are not alone. Having endured hateful comments and destructive food habits, author Viviana Rose tackles these issues head-on in her activism and published work.

self love & isla livin

Nearly a year and half ago, I made a decision to pursue love. Love for myself, love for my work and the love of my life. I took a chance and left everything and everyone I knew to pursue a romantic love, work through my burnout, be one in myself and attempt to figure out what’s next.

I have learned to love through motherhood. by Perla Farias Portugal

I used to hide underneath my towel after a shower, from my own self. I was taught by society to be ashamed to even look at my own body. But through motherhood, I accepted my body for what it was. After seeing it change through pregnancy, giving birth in my own home, and using my breasts to feed my child, I now see my body as something powerful, something that can create and sustain life. I now embrace it completely. I feel comfortable looking at my body, and touching my body and I praise it for it's magnificence. 

Love as Survival by Isabel Piña

The reason we are here is because the love our ancestors had for us. They wanted our survival, through the survival of their children who are now our parents, grandparents, etc. As both WOC and POC, and especially when you are first generation in this country, the love that enables our passions is what enables our survival. The survival of our futures, of our community, and especially of ourselves in a world that tries to break us down.