WITH the recognition that media in its many forms powerfully influences how communities imagine one another, the world at large, and their place within it

DENOUNCING the longstanding domination of the mediascape white cis men have enjoyed to the detriment of womxn, communities of color, TQLGBAI folks, and all those living at the many intersections of these identities

IN CRITIQUE of the lack of representation and reductive representations of POC/WOC muxeres/womxn and Q/T GNC folks of color

WE WELCOME self identified POC/WOC muxeres/womxn and Q/T GNC folks of color of all backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and migratory and diasporic status active in the multimedia field

THE NECIA MEDIA COLLECTIVE is a critically conscious collective and network. We are radical, muxerista, multiethnic, and diasporic. We welcome people with any and every level of experience in multimedia production to help us create a supportive network where we can share our experiences, strategies, hopes, challenges, dreams, and achievements. Necia Media is an online community center where we create content based on our experiences and diverse skill sets, share resources with one another, and connect in an effort to launch great new projects that will shake up the mediascape that has ignored us and used us for too long. We are especially passionate about connecting those of us who work in multimedia with a social justice and community oriented lens. The great aspirations we have for Necia Media will only be brought about through the efforts of a diverse, international, diasporic network of trans and cis womxn and gender nonconforming folks of color working together to foster our dreams and skills.

We invite media makers and theorists of all kinds to come mentor and be mentored, learn and teach, dream and create together.

Together we can imagine new worlds and bring them into being.

NECIA Word Bank