Necia Media began as a love project amongst hermanxs and sistars wanting to see themselves in media and mentorship. Understanding the struggles of being a womxn of color in the media field, Necia Media was born in conversations and comadrehood. Meet Las Founders below!


Jeanette Martín

Jeanette Martín is a first generation queer Chicana, born and raised on Milwaukee's Southside.  Driven by her lived experience as a child of economic refugees from México, her personal journey has been using art and cultural organizing as a healing tool with and for her community.  A painter and printmaker in training with her unyielding passion for accessibility to cultural arts, social justice and transformation, moves her to co-create sustainable and dignified projects and cultural spaces with STITCH

From and based in Milwaukee, WI. 


Jessica Diaz-Hurtado

Born and raised in the DC area, Jessica Natalia is a Colombian-Salvadoran researcher, multimedia storyteller and writer. Her roots are in spoken word, acting, and playwriting as an activist artist with the First Wave Hip Hop and Urban Arts Learning Community during her undergraduate career at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has performed her work in California, Georgia, Chicago, Texas, Wisconsin and Washington D.C. Recently graduated with her M.A. from UT-Austin's Latin American Studies program, she produced her first documentary series, Ta Ligado. Both her artwork, media work and research has focused on the immigrant experience, diasporic feminism, race, education and culture. She is currently a freelance multimedia journalist. 

From and based in Silver Spring, MD.



Alida Cardós Whaley 

Alida Cardós Whaley is a xicana mama from the north side of Milwaukee with roots in Mérida, Yucatán. Alida is a birth doula currently studying traditional afterbirth care and ritual of her ancestors with Panquetzani of Indigemama. Alida is a co-founder and corazón organizer with STITCH where she spends time building intentional spaces for healing and nourishment with her fellow xingonas. Alida is also an academic programs coordinator and advisor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) working with the Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latin@ Studies (LACUSL) major. Alida enjoys dreaming and bringing forth radical spaces for community to exist in, to feel love in. Alida seeks to humbly and unapologetically continue the werk of the ancestors for the future generations. Alida is a member of the Strawberry Moon Women Singers, an Indigenous women of the world hand drum group united to heal through music. Alida loves creating things with her hands, including crafting bodily adornments, brewing natural body products and herbal medicines, studying under guidance of Mama Venice in her Alice's Garden Herbal Apprentice Program; photographing and documenting her surroundings; writing and sharing new skills. Alida is mama to A'lialei Quetzallí with whom she dreams, learns, remembers, and lives joy.

From and based in Milwaukee, WI. 


Rebecca Jackson 

Born and raised in the El Paso/Juárez borderlands, Rebecca is a queer fregona Colombian-American media scholar, guerilla documentary maker, film producer, and academic organizer. She took “Race and Silent Film” her first semester at Macalester College and has been making moves in media and cultural studies ever since. She is currently pursuing two Master’s degrees in Media Studies and Latin American Studies at the University of Texas in Austin. She has worked with Radio Trono in El Alto, Bolivia; Latinitas online magazine; KLRU the PBS affiliate in Austin, TX; and world renowned concert series Austin City Limits. This summer Rebecca will work with community media outlets engaging issues of social justice and human rights in her mom’s hometown Barranquilla, Colombia. She loves learning, dancing with familia, arroz con coco, and discussing representations of mujeres of color.   

From El Paso, TX and currently based in Austin, TX.