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Necia Media is looking for editors!

Necia Media is looking for more Necias to participate! Have a love for social media? Spend your time writing and editing poetry, essays and news? Necia may be for you. Check out the positions below!

Las Founders Intent

Necia Media Collective (NMC) is currently held down by NMC collective members, Necias and the four womxn who initiated the collective, Las Founders. Las Founders update the website, social media accounts, put out calls for content & manage them through the process of publishing, maintain contact with current and potential Necias, and work to fulfill the Necia mission. It is a lot of work and we, Las Founders could really use some help from other fierce and fired-up Necias! We put out a survey to all Necias and want to bring to life the many beautiful suggestions and dreams that were shared. We want to truly be a network of Necias, not just a publishing platform. This is the main reason we began NMC. For this reason, we are currently in conversation with Necias across the country and beyond to establish regional reps, Local Gurl Gang Reps (Necias who indicated they would be interested in such a role in the survey we sent out) who will foster spaces and connections amongst local Necias. We have also rolled out the Call for Connections page, a place to share about projects, events, desires for collaboration, and etc. with all Necias. Unfortunately, no positions within NMC are currently paid, not one. There is no money being generated by NMC at this time. To be completely transparent, the website costs are split amongst Las Founders and we have been "volunteering" our labor since jump. We understand that being monetarily compensated for work, time, energy, headspace, ideas, and more is ideal for most people and thus these positions may not be realistic for some of our Necias. Our apologies homies and may this work be paid one day. We do promise some fierce work experience and we are def willing to work with Necias who would like to make this work as an internship o algo that can benefit you in other ways. We are open to questions, suggestions, and more. Reach us at

La Social Media Editor

We’re looking for a Social Media Editor to keep Necias in the loop and up to speed with all things relating to womxn of color in media and the arts, radical social justice, y cosas chingonas. Social media is one of the major ways we engage potential and current Necia members and create a collective space for ourselves.  If you’re passionate about intersectional feminisms, radical love, media justice, and know your way around social media, this may be your calling!

As Social Media Editor you will:

  • Engage our social media community through consistent, meaningful, and relevant posts on (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram)
  • Create original posts to promote Necia articles, playlists, and initiatives
  • Promote the projects of Necia members to our social media communities
  • Brainstorm with Las Founders on other ways to grow our online presence.

If you're interested, please email us a resume and a paragraph about yourself to by JULY 5th, 2016

La CopyEditor

We're looking for a Copyeditor who loves to write and looking for opportunities to publish. La CopyEditor publishes text heavy contributions received from our Calls for Content, related to other initiatives, and as needed on the Necia website. They are someone familiar with social media platforms and publishing platforms such as Wordpress or Squarespace. Many Necias have found writing a valuable tool to connect, express themselves and engage in conversations. If you're down to help Necias publish their pieces, then La Copyeditor position may be for you <3

As a Copyeditor you will: 

  • Brainstorm with Las Founders different call for content themes 
  • Help organize submissions from our calls 
  • Communicate with the writers and create a collaborative editing effort
  • Publish call for content submissions 

If you're interested, please email us a resume and a paragraph about yourself to by JULY 5th, 2016